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This is the 3rd coin in compassion series of the Nurse Commemorative Coin Series. This coin honors the Nurse Attributes of Patience, Caring & Compassion.

“I knell before you now in great humility,
Your pain and suffering prisms through my soul.
Quench you unrelenting thirst with the sustenance in this bowl.
Our night vigil embraces your vulnerability, your fragility,
As I hear your breathe easing into, “You are not alone.” 

“Compassion speaks our Calling…..Divine.
Our Calling is our life’s Passion Song.
Our nurturing is beyond constraints of time.
Grace infuses our patience, bold and strong.
Who breathes the Essence of Caring, beyond reason or any rhyme?
You, Nurse, the Nurturer and You are not alone”

~Lyrics from Nurturer written by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM.

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