Flame of Hope

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This is the third coin in the Hope series of the Nurse Commemorative Coin Series. This coin honors the Nurse Attributes of Strength, Hope & Triumph.

Flame of Hope poem by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM

Do you know the Flame of Hope?
Yes! I breathed deeply. Yes!
I’ve seen it in the eyes of a mother.
I’ve heard it on the breath of a newborn.
I’ve felt it in the silence of the old ones.
I’ve touched it when I had reached the limits,
And could do nothing but surrender.”

Winged White Dove, Clarion of Hope Lyrics & Music by Jill Schumacher, BSN, MS, DNM

Flame of Hope, birthed through Love,
Fueled by the undying embers of compassion.
May this flame shine through adversity,
Shine beyond uncertainty,
May it shine bright in the face of cruelty,
Illuminating peace, grace, healing,
Birthing the flight of the Winged White Dove,
Clarion of Hope.”

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emerald beads with bronze medallion


“Thank you so much for the Florence coin. I have always tried to live up to what I felt her passion to care for the sick must have been! Thank You – two words that do mean a lot – but somehow seem inadequate for how I feel about your gift and card. All the people I have showed it to have been just as amazed as I was/am. I guess for the amazement issue on my part…I was just doing what I thought/think nursing care should be for EVERYONE!”


Lincoln City, Oregon

My son presented [his nurse] with the Florence Nightingale Coin three weeks after his accident. She was overcome with emotion and said that we couldn’t begin to comprehend how much it meant to her to receive something so precious as a coin representing her idol, Florence Nightingale. She said she first remembered hearing a story about Florence Nightingale when she was 5 years old and that was when she decided to be a nurse and help people like Florence did. She was so thrilled with receiving the coin and that was what I wanted to achieve. Thank you so much for taking time to understand what it means to be a nurse and to be a healer and finding a way to honor those of the nursing and healing profession in a meaningful way!”

Faye Scheldt