Return of the Nightingale: A Tribute to Nurses CD


Eleven tracks with music, lyrics, and vocals by Jill L. Schumacher BSN, MS, BD, DNM, and spoken words by Meredith McCord BSN, MS, BD, DNM.


Made in 2012, each of the eleven tracks pays tribute to nurses and their attributes that make them special.  Available in CD and Digital Download.

  1. Return of the Nightingale Theme Song
  2. Angel of Mercy
  3. Nurturer
  4. Hands, Hands, Nurses Hands
  5. Nurse's Newborn Lullaby
  6. Clarion of Hope
  7. May the Lady with the Lamp Light the Way
  8. Sacred Fired: Key in Ebony
  9. Nurse Attribute Meditation
  10. Nurse Prayer Bead Meditation
  11. Nurse Gifting Ceremony